Kenya has lost nearly half its forests – time for the young to act

Kaluki Paul Mutuku, our Regional Coordinator for the Africa Region, recently published an op-ed in The Africa Report. He emphasised the critical role that both nature and youth play in safeguarding our planetary systems for current and future generations, making local connection to his home country of Kenya.

... 2019 has seen the rise of a global youth movement for climate action on a scale never seen before; and this movement has spread to Africa, which has the youngest population in the world. The scale, energy and momentum of this movement creates new opportunities that simply didn’t exist before.

This growing movement of young people are passionate about their futures, motivated and eager to learn. We have the energy and the drive to take action. But, in most cases, we don’t have the information or the know how. That’s why any serious effort to harness the power of this youth movement and transform it into a force for change must begin with education, both as part of formal school curriculums, as well as through initiatives like Youth4Nature. In order for youth to be stewards of nature-based solutions in climate action, we need spaces and resources to strengthen our understanding of what they are and how youth can get involved.
— Kaluki Paul Mutuku, Youth4Nature Regional Coordinator, Africa Group

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