Nature Story

Names: Christopher Atsen Yange (29), Ebenezer Olamide (30)

Country: Nigeria

Nature Story

Great minds Empire is a non-governmental organisation registered with the  Corporate Affairs Commission in 2018, primarily engaged in the task of making Kaduna state great again by finding practical solutions as envisioned in the African Union agenda.

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One of our objectives is promotion of sustainable development  goals which includes climate action (Goal 13). In other to solve climate action in our communities here in Kaduna, we first of all  discovered that most of the secondary schools in Kaduna state do not have trees.  How do you offer quality education when the environment of the school is not safe  for the students. So we now decided that we would take the advocacy on climate action/tree planting to schools here in Kaduna state. We have launched the campaign in 2 schools so far, Heyik Secondary school and Olives international school, Kaduna state. We are planning on doing same I other schools. The importance of trees in our environments can not be over emphasised and this  tree planting will help to reduce the effect of erosion in some of those areas.