Give What it Gave

Name: Rapando Otieno Franklin

Age: 25

Country: Kenya

Give What it Gave

In the land of Wakanda there once lived a community of farmers, gatherers and fishermen. The community was so rich in resources and this enhanced peace and harmony living amongst them. The Wakandan’s could hold dances at night after every house gathers all their inputs on one basket under a huge rock called Mali, cultural nights held there were the best since every house could participate in different traditional moral activities, the children of this community could gather under Mali to be taught moral lessons that governed them, this place was cherished by the inhabitants of this land it also served as a store house for their produce. Every night Chief Busara could appoint guards to watch over Mali from enemies who were consistently posing a threat for attack. This was a major problem that the Wakandans faced. On the adjacent side of Mali there were plantations and two streams that fed River Wasafi which provided water for drinking and domestic use to the inhabitants. One morning the Wakandans woke up to the demise of their leader Chief Busara, indeed a sad situation for them, they loved him because of his’ good and upright leadership.

After the burial the elders bestow Mwale as the new chief, it couldn’t have been any better since he was Chief’s Busara’s confidant. Not for so long the land was back to its normal activities.

One day Chief Mwale was not happy for his men staying the whole night watching Mali, he decided to build a huge wall around to protect Mali which was like a ‘bank’ to them. The Wakandans were very happy for the decision and everyone embraced it since it was a permanent solution to their long problem and therefore the construction began, it was not an easy task but ultimately they succeeded to build the wall that covered entirely Mali.

Many years passed and the inhabitants lived peacefully without any threat, it was until one night after a huge celebration for the anniversary of Chief Busara that something unexpected and strange happened. Mali had rolled off, destroyed the wall, plantations and now was laying onto the bed of River Wasafi, What a tragedy and a crisis! What must have caused this!? The inhabitants were in a big shock since a lot had been damaged and the land was left helpless.

Well humanity thought it was acting to the problems that it faced without noticing that it was interfering with the foundations that held Healthy Climate. Just like Wakanda the earth is facing a crisis that humans have orchestrated in the name of ‘civilization’, but wait, there is something that the people of Wakanda got from the time they had the Mali, moral lessons, they got to relate socially, they got to learn how to store, and yes probably that’s what shall enable them restore their stability, the lessons the children learnt under the shade is a potential of creating another shade, whatever Mali provided to their land and them is potentially in them and a difference can be made when they come together and address the crisis.

In conclusion, we need to use the product of The Healthy Climate that was there to restore it back