The single most undervalued and underfunded tool for climate mitigation

Climate breakdown and ecological breakdown have mostly been considered in isolation. Natural Climate Solutions are a bridge between the two. This group, let by George Monbiot, a well-known writer and environmental campaigner, is working to catalyse and accelerate the work of organizations that are engaged in natural climate solutions by generating greater publicity and enthusiasm among the general public. Their letter to the UNCBD, UNFCCC, governments, and NGOs on the importance of Natural Climate Solutions is signed by several influential nature and climate actors, including Greta Thunberg, Michael Mann, Noami Klein, Dia Mirza, and Yeb Saño.

Their website is a great resource for a summary on the science behind Natural Climate Solutions and for a look at the organizations that are working hard on their implementation.

When living systems - like forests, peat bogs, saltmarshes and the seabed - are allowed to recover, they draw down carbon from the atmosphere, reducing the chances of climate catastrophe. Learn more at

At the same time, their restoration will minimise extinction and ecological collapse, and create a richer world of wonders for us to enjoy.

A better world for wildlife is a better world for people.