We cannot achieve 1.5 without nature. Nor can we achieve 1.5 without young people.

Nature-based solutions are necessary to avoid Climate and Ecological Breakdown, and they must be rooted in science and enshrined in climate and intergenerational justice.

Our Call to Political Leaders:

  • Acknowledge that nature offers indispensable solutions to climate change and that it is not possible to limit warming to 1.5 degrees without nature’s help;

  • Adhere to the 1.5 target and use nature to deliver up to 30% of the climate solutions needed by 2030, which will require much greater representation in the next round of national targets in 2020;

  • Direct sufficient climate finance for nature to deliver 30% of the Paris target by 2030;

  • Provide young people universal access to education on nature and climate in school curriculums and guarantee access to nature in their everyday lives;

  • Halve the rate of forest loss by 2020, against the rate in 2014 (in alignment with the New York Declaration of Forests), and to end deforestation altogether by 2030;

  • Formally protect 30% of the world’s land and water by 2030 and 50% by 2050 through legally enforced protected areas and other conservation measures ;

  • Restore 150 million hectares of degraded and deforested land by 2020, and 350 million hectares by 2030;

  • Recognize the roles and rights of indigenous peoples in the pursuit of natural climate solutions by upholding the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, including its article mandating free, prior, and informed consent;

  • Promote climate-smart agriculture, including agroecology, that strengthens food security, protects and enhances natural resources, and combats climate change; and,

  • Ensure that all natural climate solutions are aligned with sound biodiversity science, effectively addressing ecological as well as climate breakdown. Mono-plantations are not natural climate solutions.

Our pledges:

As young people determined to protect nature in order to safeguard our future, we pledge to:

  • Work closely with climate school strikers around the world to include support for nature as an indispensable solution to climate change, in addition to a rapid transition to clean energy, in their calls to action. The global school strikes have given young people more agency in the climate struggle than they have ever had before, and we want to ensure that support for nature is included in our demands to those in power;

  • Boycott retailers whose supply chain productions are linked to deforestation. While we are extremely disappointed that no single company is on track to eliminate deforestation from their supply chains by 2020, we acknowledge that some companies are doing more than others, and our boycott will reflect this;

  • Call on our families, our schools, and our communities to divest any money from savings or pension funds that invest in companies that are harming nature. We understand the power we have as advocates within our families, our schools, and our communities and we commit to educate and empower young people to make full use of this power to support nature;

  • Mobilize behind the frontline, marginalized, and Indigenous communities that are already facing the impacts of climate and ecological breakdown. We will address this through campaign messaging, knowledge-sharing, and on-the-ground mobilization. Many of these communities have been stewards of nature for generations; it is critical that all action for nature and climate is enshrined in climate justice;

  • Educate our contemporaries about the importance of protecting nature and the power of nature to provide solutions to a wide range of challenges, including climate change. We will encourage them to share their stories about their relationship with land and waters and how climate change threatens this relationship; and,

  • Support each other, as fellow nature and climate leaders. Youth leaders all over the world are rising up and demanding action in the face of both climate and ecological breakdown, and many are making sacrifices to do so. We will build community in the face of crisis, and amplify the actions and voices of each other across the globe.